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Oct 13, 2016

Hello fellow perverts, deviants, and all around weirdos!  We've been at this for a half year already.  It flew by so fast, though that's not surprising if you consider how much we love doing this, and how much we love all of you. So, on the eve of recording our 26th episode, we bring you this bonus episode.

We spoke to Adrian Graciano, editor-in-chief for, in what was supposed to be a simple interview. It ended up turning into a two hour long conversation that had all of us learning new facts about kink, and the adult industry as a whole. I cut it down into something I felt was interesting enough to add as a bonus episode, as its not as polished as our regular episodes.  Then again, we were the ones in the hot seat this time.  

Our regularly scheduled episode will be out this Sunday as usual...  Same Bat-Time... Same Bat-Channel...


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